Oppose my views? Fine, but don’t take it out on my family

So I wasn’t going to write about this, but in light of some of the things which have been said today around politics and the invasion into the privacy of politicians’ families, I thought I would bring it up and highlight that it permeates all levels of politics, right to the grass roots.

A few weeks ago, I got my first piece of hate mail, which I can only assume was as a cause of me being publicly very supportive of equal marriage. It was anonymous (typed on a typewriter – how archaic!) and put through my mother’s door addressed directly to her accusing me of being in a relationship with a well known local gay politician. It read:

“Congratulations to Glyn and [politician] on their ‘relationship’.”

So, firstly, to correct a couple of fun inaccuracies…

1) Er, I’m not gay
I can only assume the letter is worded as it is because the author thinks I must be gay if I support equal marriage. Er, no. I don’t support equal marriage out of self interest, I support it because it’s right. Although actually there is some self interest here, because marriage as it currently stands is devalued for me as my gay friends are prohibited from entering into an institution to which I am able. I do not wish to join a group to which my friends, peers and betters do not have the same access.

(Incidentally, I’m single because of sheer incompetence (lack of confidence?) with women. If I were gay, I’d be equally incompetent with men)

2) The insinuation that I might be gay doesn’t offend me
Because, seriously, what’s there to be offended about?

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