Hello, welcome to my blog. It’s not entirely clear yet what this will be about, but will probably cover a heap of unconnected things, like these:
Football, Snooker and other sports
Techy stuff (computers, websites, free software)
and probably lots more, whatever get my goat or gets me excited along the way.
I’m a Torquay United fan, so will be blogging after home and occasional away games, so come back to see what a fan thinks of the match in more then 140 characters. If 140 characters is your thing, I’ll be tweeting during games do. See the link below.
I’m an amateur musician, locked firmly away in the bedroom with sporadic bursts into daylight.
I’m a Liberal Democrat, and have worked as an MP’s Parliamentary Researcher, Caseworkwer and local party Campaigns Organiser during the course of the Coalition Government.
I love maps and stats, what they tell you, what they mean. There’ll probably be a fair bit of that on here too…


OK, let’s get blogging.

All views expressed here are my own and not those of my employers or associated groups.