Benefits of a backup plan – sunset at Tyndale Monument

Tyndale Monument October 2017 web 4

OK, I fear I must file this once again under lucky shot. The Tyndale Monument is somewhere I’ve been before, and was not my initial target for this evening. I had been up to Sharpness Dock but had not been taken by the area and didn’t think I would get a good shot. I knew that North Nibley (where the monument is) was on my way home, so came back that way to see what I could get.

I got there a bit late, so the sun was already virtually down. I had to make my way up the hill to the monument pretty quickly (a bit too quickly for me), and managed to grab a couple of shots away before the light disappeared.

This week has been a lesson of what looks like disappointing evenings turning into glorious sunsets.

Settings: Nikon D3300 – 55mm – f/18 – ISO500 – 1/60sec. No filter. 



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