“I’d give it five minutes”… sunset at Purton Ships Graveyard

Purton Ships Graveyard sunset webSettings: 34mm – f/18 – ISO100 – 13secs. 3 stop filter.

An attempt at getting a good sunset tonight – it has been a while. One of the lucky things of living where I do is easy access to the River Severn, which means I can get pretty decent sunset on water shots. I actually prefer these when the tide is out as you get better reflections on the shallower water.

So tonight I went to a new spot, Purton Ships Graveyard, which I had never heard of but spotted on Google Maps (the little camera icon is usually a good sign). I had been waiting for the sunset for about 20 minutes, and actually thought nothing was coming – there was thick grey cloud coming overhead and the sun appeared to have gone.  But one thing I have learned from doing this over the last couple of months is that the sun going out of view isn’t the end of it.

first sign on good sunsetMy other shots to this point, of the ships and trying to catch the sun going down, had been pretty bland and uninspiring. But I made myself stay for an extra five minutes just in case and then, out of nowhere, the sunlight burst back up above the cloud, and from then on it was obvious something was going to happen…

From then on, it was just a case of waiting for the whole sky to light back up again, and keep shooting.

So, Purton Ships Graveyard. Nice spot. There are meant to be some lovely wooden wrecks there too that I didn’t get to see tonight. Well worth a day trip back up, I think…


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