Panoramas – Lulworth Cove

A day trip to one of Britain’s most iconic spots – Lulworth Cove (and later Durdle Door) on the Dorset coast. A warm Saturday afternoon and evening meant the place was packed, which brings its own challenges – are other people in the way of your photographs, or can you make use of them? I took the decision to use the large number of people in the cove to show how busy or popular an area is, by putting them into a panorama.

lulworth cover panoramaSettings: 18mm, f/8, ISO110, 1/125secs. Consisting of 7 images

Along with long exposure and bokeh images, probably the thing that you see most from professional photographer like Thomas Heaton that are just not in the wheelhouse of the regular guy. Actually, auto-panorama settings on iPhones etc are pretty amazing, but obviously you don’t get quite the quality that you do  by taking a large panorama made up of multiple high-resolution images.

The good thing is, from my couple of attempts, panoramas are nothing to be scared of. I watched this video beforehand, which I found really useful. The tip about taking pictures of your hand at the beginning and end to know the sequence is also brilliant! I use a thumb at the beginning and a thumb down at the end…



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