Long exposures and capturing the moment – Durdle Door

And on to Durdle Door – an iconic spot. My first time there, and you can see why it’s so popular. It’s an unusual feature, and you can capture it from lots of different angles (and altitudes!).

durdle door kayakersSettings: 30mm – f/8 – ISO400 – 1/2000sec. No filter. 

My aim was to get a good sunset shot with the arch in shot. I probably spent about an hour moving around the area trying to find a good spot- both high up on the cliff and also down at beach level. The beach was full, and earlier in the afternoon there has been a number of kayakers around the other side by Lulworth Cove. Although my aim was to take one, maybe two shots for sunset, by chance a group of kayakers decided to paddle through the arch just as I was standing next to it.

Capturing the moment, and don’t be afraid to let the camera help

OK, one of the things you get drummed into you by YouTubers is to use manual mode on your camera, and get to know your settings. I agree, of course. But don’t let being a beginner get in the way of being able to take a shot. I had been trying to photograph the kayakers earlier in the day using manual settings, and failing pretty badly. Just as I saw them coming through the arch I knew that, if I had to reply on my rudimentary knowledge, I would miss the shot. So I switched the camera to its sport more setting, and let the camera do the work of choosing settings. I still think it came out OK 🙂

And then onto long exposures… 

OK, I cannot resist a long exposure when near water. So here’s my effort for the day:

durdle door_
Settings: 18mm – f/18 – ISO200 – 205secs. 10 stop filter. 

durdle door 3
Settings: 18mm – f/6.3 – ISO200 – 1.3secs. 3 stop filter. 

durdle door 2Settings: 18mm – f/18 – ISO400 – 534secs. 10 stop filter. 


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