First stab at astrophotography – Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park

Settings: 18mm – f3.5 – ISO800 – 30sec. No filter.

Was lucky enough to spend a few days up in Scotland, and to spend an evening in Galloway Forest Park, a designated ‘dark sky park’. So a first attempt of astrophotography. Let me say, this is the best of a large number of horrific images – this is the only one I’m happy to post.

I think it was a decent first attempt, and I am definitely keen to do more. The real lesson for me was in being unprepared for focusing the camera live in the situation. The sky is too dark for the camera to auto focus, and I could not manual focus by using the viewfinder (again, too dark). It was a moonless night, and so I didn’t have a bright source to focus it on. In hindsight, I think I would have focused the camera to a long distance before I left, and then switched to manual focus and then be VERY CAREFUL not to alter the focus after that.


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