Editing and how it affects your image

OK, a lesson in editing for me, on this one. All about one (nice but not spectacular) image of some boats on a tributary. I took the shot and edited it – actually on an iPad – and wasn’t intensely happy with the image and the colours. So I decided that maybe it would work better in black and white. Here are the two, both done on the iPad:

I put them out to my Facebook friends to ask which one they preferred, and actually people were pretty split. The next day, I took another stab at editing the image again, but time using Lightroom on the laptop instead of the iPad. My re-edit is here:

thornbury sailing

I must say, I’m MUCH happier with the re-edit. There is much more colour in the water, and it made me realise quite how washed out the colour image from the night before was. Maybe because I was editing on the iPad? Maybe because I was doing so in bed, in the dark?!?

Any way round, it’s definitely a lesson in being happy to go back and re-edit something at a different time if you were not happy with your original result.


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