Super long exposure – Old Severn Bridge (take two)

OK, back to the Old Severn Bridge at sunset for another long exposure attempt… about 17 minutes this time! It was getting very late in the day – I had already attempted from sunset shots which weren’t that great. But, after the sun was virtually gone, I thought I’d take a stab at one long exposure to see what happened, and this is it:

severn bridge second
Settings: 60mm – f/9 – ISO100 – 1038sec. 10stop filter.

Am really happy with it, considering it was a stab in the dark. One rookie error I have earned from this though – after taking the image, the camera took another 20 minutes or so to process the image. Turns out this is because I had a noise reduction setting on, which apparently takes a second image after to identify any noise in the image which is can compensate for a remove. A great feature, but if taking very long exposures, best to turn off (unless you are incredibly patient).


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