Long exposure waterfall – Gordale Scar

And straight round from Malham Cover to Gordale Scar – a lovely waterfall. It is easily approachable from the bottom, which is the shot you will mostly see. I entered from the top end after a long hike from Malham Cove, which gives you a much better view from the top. This was my first real attempt playing with the ND filters – I combined the 10 and 3 stops together to give a 13 stop exposure, as it was a very bright day. Must say I was pretty pleased with the result.

A loooong exposure…

gordale scarSettings: 18mm – f/11 – ISO100 – 411sec. 13 stop filter.

I must say, am very happy with it, as a first serious long exposure attempt. Interestingly though, with water running that fast, I don’t think the very long exposure actually provides enormous benefit over shots with a MUCH shorter time. Here is another I took , with me in it, on a timer. Same camera settings, but only a 0.4sec exposure:

gordale scar 2As you can see, there isn’t that much difference in the water texture…



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