Newcastle and Gateshead – back to bridges

Big news – my first filters have arrived! A polariser and, a 10 stop ND filter and a 3 stop ND filter. Now there can be some serious long exposure stuff starting.

So, anyway, back to one of my obsessions – bridges. A swift weekend up and back to Newcastle. I only had one night and a morning before heading off again, and so didn’t have an awful lot of time to explore. So I concentrated on the Tyne Bridge and the Gateshead Millenium Bridge – right next to each other, and focused on what I could do just in the one location.

Tyne at nightSettings: 35mm – f20 – ISO100 – 20sec. 3 stop ND I think.

Quite like this one. Just the tiniest bit of smoothing out on the water. Was taken about midnight, with my camera on a mini tripod balanced precariously on a bollard.

The next morning, I went back to take a shot with the amazing Tyne Bridge, with the Millennium Bridge in the background.

Tyne Bridge black and whiteSettings: 24mm / f8 / ISO100 / 3sec. I wanna say 3 stop filter again? Can’t quite remember

Was really happy with this one. I decided once I had got home to covert this to black and white as there wasn’t much colour in the image anyway. There is something about Newcastle that lends itself to black and white – not sure of the football team’s colours put it into your mind or not. Anyway, was pretty happy with this one, and the movement in the water. I also took the following shot up on the roadway of the bridge, in pretty horrible weather.

Newcastle and Gateshead-10
Settings: 29mm / f9 / ISO200 / 1/320sec (auto).



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