Sunset and dipping into long exposure – the Old Severn Bridge

Back on sunsets. This is really to do with my aversion to early mornings that, if I am to take photography seriously, I must overcome. Also back on bridges, with another local and iconic bridge – the Old Severn Bridge.

I have, as I am sure all new photographer have, been watching plenty of YouTube vlogs from Thomas Heaton and others, and so wanting to take some first stabs at long exposure are high in the mind. As of yet though, I have no filters, and so the best I could manage is relatively short exposure times (this is 6 seconds) in very low light.

The fact that you can still make it work, though, has I think kicked off a bit of an obsession with long exposure which I am going to have to try and curb, before it takes over…

Old Severn BridgeSettings: 55mm – f/22 – ISO100 – 6secs. No filter.



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