Where are the landmarks of the future?

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

I was in Canary Wharf today for a conference. I really like Canary Wharf. I love the steel and glass, the open space, the water. But as I went for a wander during the lunch break today it got me thinking that, as impressive as the architecture is, this most modern of areas of this most wonderful of cities does not have the public buildings where future history will be created.

Like other structures going up across London, such as The Shard and The Gherkin, its buildings are offices and retail developments, the wider public’s interaction with them limited to viewing platforms from which to see existing historic buildings and the urban sprawl below. It’s a struggle to see what historic events will happen at these spaces which will mean future generations will see them as central to the city’s folklore alongside places such as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral or the Tower of London. They may be architectural marvels but they are functional, not foundation stones of our future history.

Where are the landmarks of the future?


One thought on “Where are the landmarks of the future?

  1. An interesting question – although the absence of new landmark buildings is a function of the continued existence and use of the old ones that you cited.

    One possible building in London could be City Hall – elsewhere in the UK, the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly buildings maybe would fit the bill.

    Finally, for someone as into sport as you, it could be argued that this generation/era will be remembered for it’s sporting stadia – Wembley, the Olympic Stadium etc…

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