Torquay United 0-0 Plymouth Argyle

A  short report today, not too much to write! It was a Devon derby which Torquay will feel they should have won. Overall they controlled the match, although Michael Poke was forced into a few decent saves from long range shots, but nothing challenging for a keeper of his quality. A few little points…

Nathan Craig
Craig played very well today. His passing is excellent, and he shielded the defence well in Damon Lathrope’s absence. It’s great to se him coming through and becoming a real first team choice this season.

Danny Stevens and tactics
Danny Stevens was back today after injury. I thought he played well, but his return does highlight a problem Torquay had last season when Stevens was in the team. Stevens, who’s tight footed, prefers to play on the left and come in onto his right foot. However this means that the opposite winger has to do the same. Last season, this was often Ian Morris, and I feel it was detrimental to his game. It also means that crosses do nto come into the box as quickly, which is not the most effective way to use Rene Howe.

In the last few games, with Thompson on the right and Bodin left, you could see the difference in the fluidity of attacks. I don’t think it’s Stevens’ fault, but it does affect the overall balance of the team. Actually in the long run, I still think his best position is in behind Howe as the top of the three midfielders, where O’Kane largely played last year.

Still, overall a good performance, and still unbeaten in the league.



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