Update on Torquay United transfers

Good news to start – Damon Lathrope has signed a new contract. He’s been excellent this year and I actually voted for him as Player Of The Year (though big batlle in my head with Mansell, Olejnik and Ellis).

Ashley Yeoman has been given a year to prove himself. Ling touting him as a possible O’Kane / Benyon replacement. Seen him a couple of times for the reserves. Will reserve judgement.

Lloyd Macklin has been transfer listed, which is no surprise, but Ling was very critical of his attitude in his statement

Chris McPhee has also been listed, which is again no surprise. Torquay have a very small squad, so player like Macklin, McPhee and Rowe-Turner who are constantly on the periphery always likely to have to make way for others pushing for the first team.

Ellis offered a new contract but Ling doesn’t sound massively hopeful of keeping him. Sounds like vultures are swooping…


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