Match Thoughts: Torquay United 2-1 Port Vale

Will keep this short this week – less of a report and more just some thoughts.

Torquay started with the regular 4-5-1 formation with limited success, but switched to 4-4-2 with half an hour to go in an attempt to change the game. And it worked. It made the team more attacking – two target men and wide players getting crosses in. The 4-5-1 doesn’t always allow this to happen with. I don’t think this is the fault of the wide players as such, but that they are played on their ‘opposite’ wings. This means they always have to come back onto their better foot to cross, and the moves lose momentum.

We should stick with the 4-5-1 as it has been successful, and especially away from home the 3 man centre midfield is excellent. It has of course been integral to our excellent defensive record. But I think we should play more with Stevens and Morris switched to their correct wings.

However at home, especially when there has been a need to attack more, the switch to 4-4-2 has been very effective. Against Port Vale on Saturday and Bristol Rovers on March 10th, the formation change has resulted in Torquay scoring two goals twice in quick succession. I wonder whether the 4-4-2 could be used more from the start, for home games.

Ian Morris
Apparently Ian Morris was being booed but some fans as he was substituted  on Saturday. Have to say I didn’t hear too much, but then I was applauding. Morris didn’t have a great game on Saturday but his performances do not warrant booing. As per above, I believe he is playing out of position on the right. At the beginning of the Rovers game, when the wingers were on their ‘correct; wings, and after moving to the left when switching to 4-4-2, I thought he was very effective, probably the best player on the pitch.

Fans were getting frustrated on Saturday, but I believe it is the position doing a disservice to Morris, and not Morris to the team.

Still, failings or not we are second in the league, which is an unbelievable result so far. So let’s get behind the team, and every palyer, for the last 7 games.



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