Nadine Dorries and the portrayal of Humanism

WOW! Nadine Dorries has just posted the following on her blog (here):

The Humanist magazine are running an online 'bad faith' poll and I am apparently in the lead.

I am not sure why anyone would admit to being a humanist and part of an organisation which has such extreme views.

A humanist recently commented that not only did he believe that abortion was acceptable right up to the moment of birth, but that termination of a childs life was acceptable up until the point where the child had the ability to reason, understand and justify life.

The worrying thing is that almost 400 people have voted in this poll, mostly drummed up via Twitter, however, it's a scary thought to think how many people are out there who hold such extreme views dressed up as acceptable in an online glossy magazine.

This is a scandalous and dangerous account of the principles of Humanism. To portray the opinion of one self-professed Humanist Dorries appears to have encountered – who to me seems to have very inhuman and non-Humanist views – as being emblematic of all Humanists is equal to that of comparing all Muslims to a single Islamic extremist, amongst other simplistic and disingenuous reductions.

We should not permit Nadine Dorries to be able to make this kind of inaccurate and unjust portrayal of Humanism without facing criticism. She needs to be challenged at every opportunity. You can email Nadine Dorries to complain at There is no comment option on her blog.

And to clarify, I am not saying this as a Humanist myself. I class myself simply as an atheist, though I do largely agree with Humanist principles. This is not about defending 'my own kind', but defending the correct and fair portrayal of others, which I suspect is something Dorries expects of others towards her own religion, as do I.


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