News of the World hacking Milly Dowler’s phone… why are you surprised?

The last couple of days’ revelations that, alongside celebrities, The News of the World may have been hacking the voicemails of Milly Dowler and now the father of Jessica Chapman, seem to have caught everyone by surprise. But why such the big surprise?

The News of the World, has long profited more than any other on the reporting of the crimes against these children, along with other victims such as Sarah Payne, in whose name they have long campaigned for Sarah’s Law, and carried her name on their masthead.

Sadly, cases such as these sell papers just as much as adulterous footballers and dodgy politicians. What this episode goes to show is the News of the World’s cold appreciation of this and how they measure tragedies like these against any other type of story.

We all know that the tabloid press will do anything for a story, so did we really think any diffferent? By all means be disgusted by what they have done, quite rightly, but don’t be surprised.


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