New Labour Party Election Broadcast

I have just had my first genuine moment of anger in this campaign. I have just seen the new Labour Party Election Broadcast on BBC1, and it is a fear-filled, scaremongering video which does nothing for British politics.

I urge you to take a look:

From the first clip, of the grey Conservative man entering the family house to tell them that if the Conservatives get in, they will lose their Child Tax Credits, the broadcast reaches new lows. The exaggerated response from the mother, “don’t you have children?!?,” this broadcast is striking new lows in politics. The final scene, of the same grey man telling someone they cannot see their cancer specialist, is even worse than the previous scenes with Child Tax Credits and Trust Funds. The man screams, “I don’t have weeks or months,” whilst onlookers gather around the car they are in.

What is so frightening about this broadcast is that, during last week’s Leaders Debate, Gordon Brown denied sanctioning the scaremongering leaflets about Conservatives policy on cancer, which had been targeted to cancer sufferers. Yet this broadcast must have surely been by Brown and other senior party members. What kind of political system are we living in where this is the level at which political issues are being targeted at the public? What kind of trust can we put in people who create and distribute material like this?

I hope that this video does not become overshadowed by the other events of today involving Gordon Brown and the voter in Rochdale. This video is a much more serious issue. It does not involve solely Brown in an off-the-cuff remark, it goes to the heart of the current Labour Party, their way of conducting themselves in politics, and the regard in which they hold the British people.

A lot has been made about the importance of votes, whether you really can make a difference with the parties being so similar. Well for those of you who ave registered to vote but have either not yet decided who to vote for, or are not going to vote, I plead with you to use that vote. There are real differences between parties, perhaps not always on issues, but in the way in which politics is conducted there are clear, ethical differences.


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